• Raven Featherwood

To outsource or not...

As an Indie Author we are often confronted with the decision as to whether we want to

DIY or to outsource a portion of our publishing process to an expert. I don't know about you, but one of the reasons that I am an Indie Author is because I am a total control freak. I love knowing what is happening, when it is happening, and controlling the outcome of any action pertaining to my work. I don't want to share my royalty with anyone, I don't want someone having editorial authority over me, and I love other authors giving me critique, but not people with letters after their names but no works under their names.

So, now that I have alienated the entire publishing world, lets talk about what I do outsource. My creative gene does not extend to graphics. And, while I wish I could do more marketing (I need to do more) I have not taken the time to learn the online marketing techniques that goes with book launches. So, as a control freak with a brain, I found someone to do this for me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are looking for someone to launch your book, get reviews, promote your book and create the most amazing teasers and book covers and ALL for an amazingly reasonable price, let me recommend Ena and Amanda at Enticing Journeys Book Promotions (www.enticingjourneybookpromotions.com).

Amanda creates amazing artwork and in fact she even did my logo and the RWMC series logo. Ena is a powerhouse when it comes to promotions. She was successful at getting me several reviews for my first book in the RWMC Series even though I didn't get the ARC to her until the last possible moment. She and Amanda both are exceptional women with a tremendous amount of talent, combined with a network that is massive, it allows you to gain benefits you may not have been able to achieve alone.

So, while I whittle away at formatting, and even editing that I should share with more experienced individuals, these ladies ensure that my book looks wonderful and my reviews are ready for release day. So, when you are trying to figure out which items to keep, and which to DIY, consider taking a look at these ladies website before you make a decision.


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