• Raven Featherwood

Self PUblish or Literary Agent?

I really don't look at myself as a new author, I've been writing all my life. Unfortunately life has intruded over and over again and I got busy raising children, running a business and just the minutia of life and I never published any of the manuscripts I wrote. What is worse, over the years my works have changed so drastically that the genre I wrote ten years ago no longer interests me.

This past year I retired and decided enough is enough, I am going to write and I am going to get published! I started outlining the most recent world that I've invented in my mind and ended up outlining fifteen books, then my mind went a bit crazy and I found three additional spin-off series coming to life in the same world. I couldn't write fast enough. I have four of the fifteen books ready to go and really don't know where to start with publishing. I have been researching literary agents as well as self publishing and eBooks.

I am really looking for some input from anyone out there that is published, what do you think? Any recommendations you can make for an author hoping to publish? I would love the feedback!