• Raven Featherwood

Is this a mid-life crisis or what?

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Well, when I decided to write I was 14 years old and writing a story for the bicentennial, and yes it was published. I continued to write all through school, was the editor of my school paper and loved to write all my feelings down in journals. Then real life intruded and I put aside all my writing to work in a field where I could make a steady paycheck and raise my seven children.

Over the years I wrote numerous story lines, outlined so many books I'd be rich today if they'd all been finished and sold. But, they all sat in folders, on discs and in my mind. I woke up one day and realized I'd missed out on fulfilling my dream, to be an author. Well, I am just enough of an A personality that I decided since sixty is the new forty, and I wasn't even sixty yet - I have lots of time to be who I was always meant to be.

The Road Warriors MC series is a wonderful place to start. The world that I created for these fantastic alpha men and the women who tame them is fun, exciting, and hot as sin! I gave myself a year to write the first novel and became so excited at the lives they were leading that I completed four in only three months! The five book series has catapulted into fifteen books and two spin off series centered around the characters and scenarios of the Road Warriors world.

Some people are calling this a mid-life crisis, well I can live with that. I am having so much fun taking my characters out of my mind and giving them their own world that I can't imagine putting this particular cat back in the bag. So, get ready readers, there's a new world just waiting for you to explore.


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