• Raven Featherwood

I read a series over and over as new books are released

I just finished reading book one of the Road Warriors MC series with all the edits and changes so I would be ready to go right into reading book two for my own edits. I realized that this is a habit with me when reading a series by my favorite authors too.

I just got a new release by Lani Lynn Vale's Bear Bottom Guardians series and I was so excited that I started reading her entire booklist over in chronological order. Wow, when you have parallel series being written in one world all at once you can sometimes miss something by reading one series at a time. Reading in chronological order is amazing! There are always things you miss when reading a good book, so I read the ones I like over and over. I can honestly say that the Dixie Wardens world is one of my all time favorite places to spend a rainy afternoon - ok entire weekend. I've read the series over and over as time permits and I feel the urge to revisit someone, like the Hero's or the Kilgore Fire Department, or those Uncertain Saints. Anyway, I digress. I decided that with the recent release and a couple of the Baseball books I'd yet to read I would start over. I printed the book list by release date and started reading. I was amazed at how much I'd either missed or not actually connected the dots on.

If you find yourself with a rainy or lazy weekend, and want to get into a world that will suck you in and hold on tight, check out the Dixie Wardens! You won't be sorry, although the house won't get cleaned, the dinner will be late, and the laundry will have to wait.


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