• Raven Featherwood


I've been writing for years. I've just never published anything. Life interrupted me and so I had to write for my own edification, but I didn't get to share my characters with anyone. Now that I am finally writing to publish, it is changing everything.

I know many aspiring authors are able to understand this feeling. Not being published, it is hard to be recognized as an author. I wanted to start talking about my upcoming series, and get some interest generated, but how? So I started reading every blog I could find on the subjects, talking to other authors on Facebook and Goodreads until finally, things are coming together.

I am self-publishing, so as an Indie Author I have several tasks I would not normally have done while publishing a novel. But, us authors are creators, some of us with god complexes, so we like the control that being an Indie Author provides us. So, I am learning to format my book, purchasing ISBN's and literally starting my own publishing company. And all of a sudden it hit me - I am bonafide!

I have a real company, Raven Featherwood Publications, LLC, an author page on Goodreads, a business account on Amazon, I have copyrights, graphic designers, promotion companies, and so many other relationships that solidify my status as an author. It is exciting to know that I have a launch date for my first novel in the Road Warrior's MC series, and a company doing the promotions.

Life is good for a bonafide author.