• Raven Featherwood

Dominant or Sweet Lovers?

When I first started to write erotic sex scenes I was torn about writing BDSM scenes. I love the dominance, I mean who doesn't like a bad boy in the bedroom, but the pain and humiliation that is the second half of BDSM is just not me and not something I am comfortable with. However, my characters seem to have a mind of their own and some of my scenes were beginning to be darker than I'd normally write.

When writing a series, the various characters, in the different books, are all different even though they live in the same world. When I've been writing a darker book, and then I find myself writing a sweet book, with tender loving vs dominance, I almost feel like I am betraying the series by throwing in a prince charming style bad boy vs the true bad boys.

Then, when I want to submit to a publisher, like Blushing Books, I read their submission guidelines and they really don't want a book without the dominance. I have fifteen books outlined in this series, they are all alpha bikers, but some are kinder, sweeter and more tender to their women when those gals are able to get underneath the tough exterior, than others. Despite softer bedroom scenes, the storylines are all full of conflict, and typical biker drama, just some have sweeter love scenes. Does this eliminate the option of a publisher that gears toward dominant erotica? Or do you see the publisher looking at the overall themes of the series vs individual books?



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